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Maybe they don’t have peer support or maybe their alcohol addiction is too severe. Being surrounded by triggers can make it extremely difficult to stay on track and avoid overdoing it on alcohol. Another strategy for a successful taper is to drink just enough to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. If you find it is difficult to prevent yourself from drinking tapering off alcohol too much and getting drunk, locking your alcohol up in a cabinet and giving your friend or family member the key can help. Although with this method, it is important that the friend or family member is accessible when symptoms of withdrawals such as tremors return. Also, learn to cope with and avoid situations that might cause you to want to drink more.

  • With that being said, tapering is a lot safer than going cold turkey.
  • An alcohol taper can be effective in beginning recovery and help set a realistic goal for those not ready to quit alcohol completely, but they’re not for everyone.
  • “It’s the mood swings that scare me. One moment up, the next down, and no concentration. It’s hard to pretend to be happy and normal.”
  • For some, symptoms already start to subside, while others begin to experience more severe ones.
  • Quitting cold turkey is the preferred method of withdrawal, but only if done under medical supervision, where symptoms can be treated as they occur.
  • Laying it all out in black and white can take time and some serious self-examination.
  • There are several mild to moderate psychological and physical symptoms you might experience when you stop drinking.

But one review article found more than half of those taking antidepressants experience some disruptive effects upon stopping, with nearly half of those rating their symptoms as severe. In the JAD Reports, limited to people impacted by withdrawal, 40 percent said their symptoms lasted two years or longer. A sample taper schedule involves calculating the number of drinks consumed per day. After this is calculated, make a schedule where you consume your normal amount on the first day and make regular reductions each day after.

Preparing To Wean Off Alcohol

Another thing which happens when the function of the GABA receptor is enhanced by alcohol is that the brain tries to overcome this calming effect by producing more adrenaline and other similar neurotransmitters. When the alcohol is completely taken away then this adrenaline and its cousins are left to run rampant in the brain. This leads to raised blood pressure, raised pulse rate, rapid breathing, fever, hallucinations, seizures and D.T.s. Withdrawal is different for everyone; there really is no “normal” and it can be hard to predict an individual person’s experience. A person with delirium tremens needs to be hospitalized until the symptoms can be controlled.

tapering off alcohol

A healthcare provider will also run tests to rule out other medical conditions that have similar symptoms of alcohol withdrawal or occur alongside withdrawal. These conditions include gastrointestinal bleeding, infection, intracranial hemorrhage (acute bleeding in the brain), and liver failure. By looking at your medical history and alcohol intake, your doctor can determine whether you need to taper in a medical detox facility or can safely detox at home.

How Is RehabPath Different?

Quitting alcohol can be extremely hard, especially without medical support. Further, mental health disorders like anxiety and depression are extremely common in those who struggle with drinking, and these disorders can make it even harder to stay sober. Tapering alcohol is beneficial because you can avoid alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

  • Weaning off alcohol reduces the chance of experiencing withdrawal or the severity of withdrawal symptoms.
  • But if you start having major withdrawal symptoms like bad shakes or pulse over 100 or high blood pressure you are tapering too fast and should slow it down.
  • Build a network of people you can go to when you need help, join a support group or see a therapist.
  • Smaller drinks with a higher percentage of alcohol are stronger than the same size drink containing a lower-proof liquor.
  • Because alcohol withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person, anyone struggling with an alcohol use disorder should seek professional medical assistance before considering weaning themselves off of alcohol.

Luckily, this nationwide issue has resources available to help you heal. A popular way to taper off alcohol is to gradually reduce the number of drinks you consume over a period of time. For example, if you normally drink 6 glasses of wine each night, you can try reducing that to 5 glasses of wine a night. After several days of 5 glasses of wine, you can reduce that down to 4. Eventually, after a period of time, you will have tapered down to zero drinks. If you’re interested in medication-assisted treatment, medication to curb cravings can be a helpful tool for reducing your consumption.

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This process is called dependence because your brain depends on alcohol being present to function normally. “I am feeling better than I have in a while, a long while. I still have a few side effects like sleeplessness, anxiety, irritability, and I crave sweets all the time.” By day eight of abstinence from alcohol, many begin to see the health advantages of quitting. “Feeling better. Best night’s sleep in some time. Weird dreams but not too nasty and scary. Feel a little weak, but I did avoid food for about four days. Very reflective still.” Alcohol withdrawal symptoms begin to ease for some and just begin to get intense for others. Some have the same symptoms as on day one and ask, “How long does this last?” The urge to relieve those withdrawal symptoms with a drink can be overwhelming.